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Some Cleaning Tips We Have Collected

We believe that cleaning tips should not be keep a secret and are happy to share them with you, but also we also understand that people haven`t the time or the energy to set aside for the labourious job of cleaning their home or office, saying that if you feel you have the inclination to do it yourself then we have collected some cleaning tips to help you with those minor problems.

Those pesky stains can be a problem to get rid of and come in a multitude of guises, from red wine, coffee to oil. The key is to act fast and correctly to sort out that stain.

Beer Stains

Carpet: A good shampoo of the carpet should do the trick, if not a good stain removing product should get the job done, the darker the beer the more attention is needed.

Cloth: A good biological washing powder should see the stain disappear. If it has been there for a long time, then try soaking it first in warm water and soda.

Furniture: Try using a sponge soaked in warm water and gently dab the affected area, if stain is old then try some distilled vinegar and water (1 part vinegar to 5 parts water).

Coffee Spills

Carpet: Use cold water and a sponge and then gently dab at the carpet until the coffee stain comes out. If necessary try a good carpet shampoo if the stain persists and if that doesn`t help get rid of the stain, then call us and we will sort out the problem in no time.

Cloth: Firstly soak the cloth in soda and warm water, then machine wash on a high heat if possible, but not for wool, silk etc.

Furniture: Small dabs to the stained area with cold water and detergent, after that you can use a professional stain remover if needed.


"From my days in the pub trade: I would first use some window spray to clean the windows, then get some scrunched up newspaper and rub the window in a circular motion to clear any smears, not forgetting to recycle the newspaper afterwards.
Fergus - Warwick."

More to follow!
Why not contact us with your tips and we may add them to this page.

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